Why aren’t you saving money?

I’m going to apologize upfront here, but really, sorry, not sorry.

We have certainly established that, if you can save some money, and invest it in cash-flowing real estate, that money will go to work and generate more money, and rinse and repeat.

But I can’t tell you how many conversations I have with friends and family that start with “Investing passively in real estate is something I’d love to do!’ but is quickly followed by “…but I don’t have any money.”

These are often times 6-figure earners, during a conversation over an overpriced salad, as we get back into their BMW and drive back to our nice air-conditioned office with the fancy coffee maker.
And to be honest, this doesn’t just end with my circle… I have friends who deal with some seriously high net worth clients, who’s assistants drive their Bentley’s to get them the expensive sushi, and they STILL can’t seem to save money.

They earn it, and spend it, and earn it, and spend it, in an endless loop that will chain them to a job for the rest of their lives.

Do I have your attention?

First of all, I understand that everyone’s life circumstances are different.  If you’re in an extreme situation, then this probably isn’t aimed at you.
That being said, perhaps you fall into the category of: “I’m so irritated withmyself because I just can’t save money! I want to invest it, but just can’t manage to save up enough!”

If that’s you, then again, I’m sorry, but you need to figure it out.
So, let me try to help you.

Perhaps you need to take a second and consider what you actually need the money for:

•Do you need more money in order to take a trip with your friends this weekend?
•Do you need money to allow yourself some freedom from work for a week to visit that Hawaiian island you’ve always wanted to because you saw it on a show once?
•Do you need money to buy a few more gifts at Christmas this year for your kiddos?
•Do you need money to hire a housekeeper to clean up after you, since you’re too busy at work trying to make money to pay your other bills?

If all those reasons don’t inspire you to save money, then perhaps, just perhaps, those don’t really matter to you…

What I’m talking about, is finding your ‘WHY.’

WHY do you want to save more money? WHY do you want to invest your money into real estate in order to generate more of it?  This is not a quick answer type of question, but one that will require you to think long and hard.

•Do you want control? Control that you wished you had as a child?
•Do you want your children to have options you never had?
•Do you want to work for yourself and have the luxury of living life on your terms?
•Do you want to travel? Not for ‘vacation’ but because the road calls to your soul?

I’m guessing, that you have yet to come to a strong enough conclusion to that question to motivate you to make some BIG changes in your life – the kind of changes that will be necessary in order to save more money in order to invest it in real estate.

So please, take the time to consider your why.  Because if you don’t, perhaps 10 years will pass, and you’ll end up in the same spot as you are now, wishing you could figure out how to save more money, in order to invest it and change your future some day

**For what it’s worth, I’m still in this process myself.  Working hard to track and control my spending habits, but more importantly, working hard to generate more streams of income, in order to continue investing and set up my family and friends for life.  I’m taking on this challenge right alongside you. So let’s GO!

Why I focus on YOU (New podcast interview)

In this episode, I speak with my friend Brandon Elliot about my mentality behind my company, why I choose to focus outwardly (on making my friends money) rather than just inward (making myself money).

I also talk at length about investor relationships and reveal what I’ve learned after hundreds of meetings with investors of all experience levels.

Thanks for taking the time to listen or watch, and I’d love to hear your feedback!

*If you’d like to set up a time for an investor meeting of your own, I’m always happy to talk about what I do and how I can help you to gain some passive income in your life.

Click HERE for full podcast.

My journey from TV Editor to Real Estate Investor (New podcast interview)

In this episode, I spoke with my friend Terence Michael about my journey from freelance television editor to multifamily real estate investor.  Hear how I spent years turning my passion for learning into an area that, initially, I knew nothing about – real estate investing.  I’ve created new streams of income for myself, making money while I sleep!

There’s definitely some great content for all of the freelancers in Hollywood, as well as anyone else looking to replace their 9-5 income.  Passive income will be your friend!

FYI: depending on your interest, the first 23 min’s are focused on my life in the television industry, and after that, we dive into real estate investing.

Full podcast – http://sorrytobother.libsyn.com/chriscollinspodcast

Are you getting out there?

It’s been a busy month of networking.  My goal is to continue to make new connections, source new deals, and get you into passive investments.

-A team and I put together an out-of-state multifamily investing conference in Long Beach where I made some great connections for future deals.
-I met with new partners face to face and on the phone, filling up multiple notebooks worth of notes and thoughts.
-I was a guest speaker last night at a meetup in Downtown LA about multifamily investing.
-I’m boarding a flight this afternoon to attend another conference in Denver, to both connect with new investors and connect with other apartment operators.  *Flying in early (the conference is tomorrow) to make it to a networking mixer this evening.
-Flights booked to visit 2 new markets in the coming weeks…

But why do I all this?

So you don’t have to!

I dedicated myself to mastering this investing space, and to me, connecting with real people doing real deals with real-life experience is the best place to learn.  Of course, there are books and podcasts, which I’ve read and listened to hundreds, but you can’t pick up the phone and call a podcast for suggestions.  You can’t pick up the phone and call a book to partner on a deal.

I continually expand my network, continually improve my skills, continually do better and better deals, and help out as many people as I can along the way.  And I’m grateful that you’re here sharing in all of that.
Any time you want to get out to an event, let me know and I’m happy to share what I’m up to next and we can go together.  Or any time you have questions, I’m more than happy to connect (preferably over tacos) and continue your education.  In the meantime, enjoy the passive income, while I do the work 🙂

Ok, off to the airport!

What was the last BIG decision you made?

If you’re anything like me, you make lots of decisions every day, but very few of them are ‘BIG’ or ‘IMPACTFUL’ decisions.  Think about it: You decide to eat cereal with your kids instead of making eggs…to get drive-through Starbucks because it’s better than that office coffee… to switch your cell phone provider to save $15/month and get slightly better service…

Most of those decisions take very little effort, and none of those decisions are changing your life.   

I want you to take 30 seconds right now, and think about it… when was the last time you made a big decision that would change your life?  I mean really CHANGE your life?

What’d you come up with?

Deciding to marry your spouse? Have kids? Buy a house? Your career path? Your car? Those are all big, stress-inducing decisions.  Congratulations on committing and making those decisions as well, that’s not easy!


What about the decision to become financially free?

Financial freedom is not something that comes by accident or by hoping it will come.  You have to DECIDE to pursue money-producing investments.  You have to DECIDE that your family will be safe if something happens to your job.  You have to DECIDE that it is worth your time to get educated and take action.

You probably know where I stand, that I value investment real estate that produces streams of cash over stock market investments that create piles of cash.   The reality is, there are many ways to financial freedom. But every single one of them starts with a decision to change your life, to change your spending habits, to invest your hard-earned money rather than spend it, to read different books, to have different conversations…

There’s that cliche question ‘if you change nothing in your life, where will you be in 5 years?’ but it is a good question in this instance.  You will have to make some BIG decisions in order to change your life circumstances.

If cash flowing real estate is something you’d be interested in, shoot me an email, schedule a call. Let’s go over your questions and help you make your next BIG decision!

I got paid to go to Hawaii!

I got back from Hawaii, and these
checks were sitting on my kitchen table.

I was hesitant to write this blog because I don’t want to come off as bragging or obnoxious, but I felt like most of you know where my heart is, and I felt it was worth it to show everyone real, tangible proof that you can change your life.

In my ‘day job’ as a freelance television editor and producer, if I don’t work, I don’t get paid.  I don’t have ‘paid time off’ or ‘paid sick leave’ or anything like that.  So when I used to go to Hawaii with my family, I would generally losemoney because I simply wasn’t working.

But that’s not the case for me anymore.  

My real estate investments literally pay me no matter what I’m doing.  So, while I played with Makai on the beach in Maui this past month, while I spent time with my wife over sunset dinners, literally even while I slept in our hotel, my tenants paid their rent, and these checks arrived at my doorstep.  (And these checks are just from some of my properties!)

My point in all this is not to show off what I’ve built (or my glowing Maui tan), but to show you that you can do this too!  You don’t have to rely solely on your day job as your only source of income.  When you invest passively in real estate, and tenants pay their rent, you can get paid too! Every month, every quarter, like clockwork.

What I do, is all the heavy lifting to buy these properties and get them up and running, so you get to invest passively and enjoy these checks alongside me.  My current investors already know this feeling, as they go to work at their day jobs, as they hang out with their families, as they take their vacations, and their checks show up as well.  They have added steams of income to their lives and it’s making a difference now (not ‘someday’)!

If passive income like this is something that appeals to you, reach out and let me know that you’re looking to get involved.  The market is tough right now, but deals are out there and I should have another investment opportunity for you soon.

Happy new year! A question for you.

2018 was extremely productive as the commercial real estate market continued its hot streak.  Prices have steadily increased, as has occupancy at all our properties.  Now in 2019, deals are challenging to find as sellers seem to thinkthey’re properties are worth more than their numbers show, but that’s why I focus on conservative underwriting and look for great deals that are supported by numbers (not just ok deals that seem shiny).

I wanted to start off this year by asking you a quick question, and I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Obviously, “success means something different to every one of you, but to me, success means living the life you truly want to live, not just the life you’ve ended up with.

You see, I talk to people almost daily who seem to have no real goals, no plan when it comes to their financial lives, they’re too busy working!  They seem to just think ‘it will all be ok somehow” as long as they go to that job and do what they’ve been doing year after year. Heck, they may even get a small raise every few years!  Congrats!

But think about it, is all that work actually lining you up for success in the long term?

In my opinion, if you truly want success, you cannot simply take what life hands you and “do what everyone else does.”  You have to make the time to focus, educate yourself, make long-term plans and commitments, and take charge of your finances.

So my challenge for you in 2019, is not to simply make small, short-sighted resolutions to stay off Instagram or eat fewer carbs.  Instead, take a long, hard look at your life and see if it has a direction, a plan to take care of yourself and your family in a big way – to SUCCEED.

My plan is to not just work for work’s sake, but work towards a goal of financial freedom.  I will continue to add streams of income through investment real estate and to help as many of my friends do the same.  If that sounds like something you’d like to do in 2019, now is a great time to get in touch, and let’s talk more seriously about your future.

There are many paths up the mountain, but what’s yours?

For this blog, I’m going to assume that the proverbial ‘top of the mountain’ is WEALTH.  Wealth meaning “I don’t worry about money anymore.”  Wealth meaning, “money comes in no matter what I do today.”  Wealth meaning “I live in abundance and enjoy a full life.”Let’s face it, there are many ways to build that kind of wealth.  I’m sure each and every one of us can even rattle off a handful:  Stocks! Investment real estate!  Buy a franchise! Start a side hustle! Start multiple side hustles!  Etc.

However, I think the problem is that too many of us sit by and simply watch ‘the other people’ getting theirs.  

But what about you?   How are you getting YOUR money?  Have you made a plan? Have you taken the first step on a beginner trail?  Or maybe you’re already on a dedicated path, following a guide?  Or maybe you’re well on your way towards the top of the mountain?

Or maybe… you haven’t even thought about the mountain that lies ahead of you?

If that last one is you, that’s ok, don’t beat yourself up… just realize what you’re setting yourself up for long-term.  Realize that you will continue to work your 9-5 to earn your income, and hopefully saving enough will indeed be ‘enough.’

Me? As you probably know by now, I choose to invest in cash flowing real estate.  I cashed 4 checks last week from houses and apartments that are being rented by tenants, where the profits ultimately end up in my pocket.  And that’s in addition to my check from my 9-5!  And guess what will come in the mail next month…

I am headed up the mountain.  How about you?  Please! Shoot me a quick email, let me know what you’re doing. I’d love to hear and be encouraged by each other.

If you’re interested in the path to wealth that investment real estate provides, my partners and I are constantly sourcing new deals to get you going.  I’m happy to answer any questions, talk about your goals, and any opportunities that I have available.  Just reach out!

Today Is Pay Day?

Is your MONEY employed?  Or unemployed?

Hey! It’s Friday! For many of us who earn weekly paychecks, that means PAYDAY.

But what about your MONEY? Is your money earning a paycheck?

That’s right, take a second and picture your money as a little worker bee.  When it wakes up in the morning, does it have a full time job? Or even a part-time job?  Or (gasp) is it unemployed?

If it does have a job, what kind of job does it have?

A minimum wage job, where the paycheck barely covers living expenses?

A mid-level job, wearing business casual and eating lunch in the break room?

Or has it reached baller status? With a 6-figure income, driving a fancy car, going out to nice dinners, the rich life?

This is a great analogy that came to my attention while reading Gary Keller’s book “The Millionaire Real Estate Investor.”   I have always said to my wife “I want our money to be working harder for me, than I do for it!”  A long time ago, I literally walked into my Fidelity investments team and told them ‘Team, we have got to get our money working harder!’  I just never thought of it in such tangible terms as ‘a job for my money.’  Because what this helped me realize, is that when my money is in a bank account, it’s unemployed, doing nothing with itself.  When it’s in the stock market, it’s more like a worker who takes his paycheck to the casino, sits down at the table, and gambles.  Sure it may win sometimes, but sometimes, it loses too!  That’s not a ‘job’ per se.  At a job, your money would be working for an agreed upon wage, that it earns, week after week, month after month, year after year.

So I want my money to go to work, and earn that kind of paycheck.

These days, I put my money to work buying and owning real estate. Its job is to buy the properties, pay property management teams, pay maintenence teams to keep up the properties, and advertising units as they come available, and many other daily duties.  And in turn, my money’s ’employer’ pays it back with rent checks every month.  My money is working pretty damn hard, not quite that ‘baller status’ yet, but it’s my goal.

How about you? Is your money working every day? Does it have a job that pays out every month?  Or is it unemployed? Sitting stagnant in a bank account or gambling on the stock market?

Feel free to respond, I read every email and would love to hear how you’ve put your money to work.

If you’re interested, my partners and I are constantly sourcing new real estate deals to put your money to work.  I’m happy to talk about what opportunities I have available.